About Us

border: 10px solid black; margin: 10px;Activ8 Performance is Personal Training Company founded by Bob Guy, who has been successfully delivering results with his specialized training techniques since 1999.

Bob has always had a passion for health and fitness. With a background in Kinesiology from York University, this certified personal trainer studied abroad to become one of the first 10 M.A.T therapists in Canada. Bob comprehends the need to keep on top of the cutting edge research of human performance, fat loss and nutrition.

Through his extensive training and unique qualifications, Bob goes beyond simply “working out” with his training programs.  He is able to assess each individual’s specific muscular imbalances and address them using targeted exercises and training progressions.

If you are tired of being fed into the typical “cookie-cutter” exercise programs without seeing the results you deserve, you are invited to set up a free consultation with Bob to review your goals and discuss a plan to get you there safely and effectively!


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